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Willamette week feb 2013 article
Willamette Week

Willamette Week 2013 Valentine issue

Lisa Bonney Long Beach, WA murder: "A death in public, an instinct ignored" Part III of "I, Survivor: The Journey Back from Violence."

Lede kroger.widea article
Willamette Week

The Smartest Guy in the Room: What does Reed College know about John Kroger that people in Oregon politics dont?

On July 1, John Kroger will become the president of Reed College. For most people, this would be an extraordinary achievement. But for Kroger, it’s a consolation prize....

Willamette Week

Name Game: Sungari Pearl morphs into Seres.

New name, same game—kind of. Sungari Pearl, the Pearl Districts white tablecloth Chinese bistro will morph into Seres Restaurant and Bar come October 1...even though theyre not changing th...

Lede 1984 budclark.widea article
Willamette Week

May 16, 1984: A saloon owner shocks City Hall...

The morning after a big election, reporters usually hunch over their coffee, sift through the returns and try to make sense of the results. But this sunny Wednesday morning, they instead found t,40th Anniversary...

Patties.widea article
Willamette Week

Portland Gift Guide 2011: St. Johns | Shopping, Christmas - Willamette Week

Willamette Weeks 2011 Portland Christmas shopping and gift guide to St Johns...

Sg2014 swimming.widea article
Willamette Week

Best Places to Swim Outdoors Near Portland

When it comes to swimming holes, Portland’s outer lands are blessed. The Cascades are criss-crossed with pretty little rivers and streams filled with clean, cold water fed by ancient glaciers.,Summer Guide...

Listingsaz.widea article
Willamette Week

The Best Restaurants in Portland 2011

Willamette Weeks favorite restaurants in Portland, 2011....

Marketguide 2014%28sweets quin%29.widea article
Willamette Week

Portland Food Market Guide 2014: Pastries, Cakes, Doughnuts and Candy

Annie’s Donut Shop 3449 NE 72nd Ave., 284-2752.  Annie’s never changes, even when its owners change. I don’t know how that is. But the doughnuts remain cheerily old-school and never o,Market Guide...

Willamette Week

Best of Portland: PEOPLE

Best Hot HouseA stroll around Space Design, Martie Accuardis lush 1904 Lair Hill Queen Anne design studio (3729 SW Kelly Ave., 274-8800) and sunny surroundings makes you want her life. You can get a ...,Special Section...

Willamette Week


Every morning when she opens her eyes, Patricia Leedy, a Hillsboro antique dealer, rolls out of bed, pulls back the blinds and scans the sky. Shes not worried about the terrorists. Shes worried ...,News...

Willamette Week

Do Jump! Greatest Hits for the Holidays | Echo Theater | Portland, Oregon

IfThe Nutcrackeris not your thing (or even if it is), you may enjoyDivided We Fall, a parody of same. That piece i...

Culturefeature.oswegolake.widea article
Willamette Week

Lake Affront: Oswego Lakes big secret: Its public and you can paddle it

Oswego Lake’s big secret: It’s public and you can paddle it. In fact, we did....

Lede coverintro.widea article
Willamette Week

The Woman Behind the Bridge: Patricia McCaig

Political insider Patricia McCaig is the force behind Oregons Columbia River Crossing freeway bridge, but she works both for Governor John Kitzhaber and the projects biggest contractor, David Evans and Associates....

P6220017 article
Willamette Week

Portland - guns for sale: firearms, handguns, rifles - backpage.com


Foodanddrink.lasprimas.widea article
Willamette Week

Restaurant Review: Las Primas

Las Primas is a new Peruvian joint on North Williams Avenue that ditches ceviche for street-food offerings punched up with creamy South American sauces....